Equilibrium – The Core of Aura-Soma Color-Care-System®

431832_10151673714884534_584379899_nEquilibrium is the core product of the Aura-Soma Color-Care-System. The actual word Equilibrium means more than just balance, it means a focused understanding of balance. In order to be able to introduce Equilibrium effectively we need to talk about its purpose and function. My understanding at this point in time is that Equilibrium was given as a direct revelation from a divine source, perhaps I could say, beyond human comprehension.

Vicky, as the innovator and the mother of the beginnings of the revelation of the Aura-Soma system, described it “as the point of light beyond stillness” and I think this description holds as true today as it did in 1985 when I first heard her utter it.

The point of light beyond stillness seems very mystical, very unattainable. In terms of my understanding the degree to which the complexity of what is contained within Equilibrium, the universal language of color and number, is something that reflects this profound aspect of consciousness as expressed by this phrase.

Equilibrium, in its many forms, always seems to me to be pointing in the direction of our being rather than our thinking, emotional or feeling response. Even though particular bottles within the Equilibrium range may be dedicated to particular aspects of our mental or emotional being; there is an increasing sense that each of the color combinations point towards our innermost being. This has become more and more apparent as I have penetrated a little of the understanding of what the revelation of the Equilibrium bottles as the core of the Aura-Soma system, seems to be all about.

Each of the dual colored combinations, or as Vicky Wall referred to them as her “colored jewels”, reflect a transparency of color that is also reflective of consciousness itself. Consciousness, linked through the vibrations of color and the understanding of the various aspects of ourselves through allowing us to be what we are as reflected in the mirror of color.

The word “Aura-Soma”, as has been said many times, means “light body”. Equilibrium reflects that light body, reflects the essence of ourselves with the potential to build the “light body” as we convert what we have accumulated in the patterns of conditioning towards the growth of the essence that lies deep within as part of the core of our being.

Many different systems in relation to the ancient wisdoms are reflected in the sequence and revelation of Equilibrium. Perhaps the Kabbalah seems to be one of those that most closely reflects the mystery of the revelation of the Aura-Soma system. Kabbalah means, in one of its many translations, to be receptive. If we are able to let ourselves be then perhaps we may move towards the sense of receptivity. It is in this state, not as an ideal or something which we need to hold on to, but more a sense of allowance that we might find the true colors as reflected in the Equilibrium bottles: to be able to understand our true purpose and why we are here and what we are for and more of how we may do what it is that we do. Equilibrium at this point in time reflects quality of the way we do what we do more than any other aspect of our being.

This quality links that which is contained in Equilibrium from the soil to the soul. The Aura-Soma farms, wherever they may be in the England or elsewhere, are working towards a balance within the soil that is in harmony, celestially and terrestrially with the angelic and devic, in harmony with all the forces that come to bear in relation to the maintenance of ourselves upon the earth. The vegetable kingdom, the plants and herbs, that are both in the upper and lower fractions of the Equilibrium bottles in the terms of essential oils and of herb extracts are part of this synergy of our relationship with the cosmos and the Earth, herself.

We are, at best, recent arrivals upon an ancient being. We need to learn from her, as we are a reflection of her evolution and support her in the steps that she is making while, at the same time, honoring and appreciating the opportunity that she provides for us to be able to develop the light body which is reflected in Equilibrium. Not only the vegetable kingdom, not only the herbs and plants but also the crystals and minerals, address this quite clearly. The crystals in the form of spagyric tinctures contained within the base fraction of each of the Equilibrium bottles, the energies of the resonant waveforms, the crystals and gems that are also transmitted into the oils all reflective of the longevity of consciousness of the being of the earth and how this aspect of ourselves can also be brought into harmony when we truly recognize ourselves in the mirror of color and give ourselves back to ourselves as it was that this gift from spirit ordained.

Equilibrium, as the core of the system, is about bringing the light body together. Through all the steps that we might make in relation to its direct application to our physicality, we begin the process of the development of the light body. A process which may, in other lives, have taken years out of the ordinary living situation, perhaps in a monastery, a retreat centre or an ashram.

The beings that we have been may have participated in these activities, both genetically and ancestrally, and also in relation to the life of the soul. Equilibrium, within daily life, helps to bring forth from our being the possibilities to positive affirmation in relation to the deeper layers of concentration that we might access within ourselves to establish a greater sense of balance and harmony, a sense of Equilibrium.

Words Mike Booth Principal of Aura-Soma® published on Feng Shui & Modern Life magazine Greece

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