Michail Fan is Official Distributor for Aura-Soma® & AEOS products in Greece.

I was made in Athens – Greece at 21st of April 1972 with Greek, Italian & Chinese flavor.
I  studied camera & film making in Athens.
I have worked as a cameraman, shooting & directing videos for several TV shows for over 9 years.
Performing in TV commercials, dance theaters, profesional live fire juggling and street theatre shows.

Practiced Tai-Chi, Chi Kung, Za Zen meditation, Chinese Sword & Kung-Fu for more than 10 years.

In 1999 I entered the Usui Reiki natural healing system.
In 2000 I traveled to Pune India and met Osho’ s energy.
The same year I have started my Aura-Soma® journey.
My life started transforming fast.
In 2001 I met my Sufi Master Sheih Ibrahim Alia.
In 2003 I have completed the Usui Reiki Master Teacher degree &
in 2004 I became a Karuna & Angelic Reiki Master.
In 2005 I became Merkabah Master Teacher.
Teaching the above since then.

Since 2004 I am contributing in the Magenta-Metamorphosis the Ultimate New Age Stores in Athens.
Importing Original Organic Ayurvedic Oils & Supplements.
In 2007 with a company of friends we created the Feng Shui Fan publications & the Feng-Shui & Modern Life magazine for Greece, a two months issue about Feng-Shui & the holistic side of life. The magazine for the bright side of Life as Publisher & Managing Editor.
From 2008 I am a vibrant cell of the Holistic Spa Essence Human Space in Athens.
I am producing events like the Human Space project, supporting the Holistic way of life in a more wider audience.
In 2012 I have started to be Certified Teacher in the Aura-Soma Color Care System® teaching all levels.
The same year started the New Aeon cooperation with Aura-Soma® Ltd for the Aura-Soma-Jewellery.
The designs and manufacture of the jewellery are under the spiritual alignment & guidance of the Principal of the Aura-Soma® Academy, Mike Booth.
With the intention of Pure Love to Empower You.

My vision is to be a vibrant cell in that time that everything is shifting in consciousness, living life joyfully & share it with more people around the globe.
I love to travel a lot giving & receiving speeches & workshops.

Ο Michail Fan, έχει περισσότερα από 20 χρόνια εμπειρία στο χώρο των Ολιστικών πρακτικών και του Bodywork.
Επίσημος Αντιπρόσωπος για τα προϊόντα Aura-Soma® ltd και AEOS, την σειρά καλλυντικών Ενεργής Οργανικής Δερματικής Φροντίδας, της Αura-Soma®, για την Ελλάδα.

Πιστοποιημένος Δάσκαλος & Σύμβουλος Χρωματικής Φροντίδας της Aura-Soma® Academy στο Σύστημα της Aura-Soma®.
Πιστοποιημένος Δάσκαλος στα συστήματα Ουσούι Ρέικι, Καρούνα Ρέκι, Αγγελικό Ρέικι, Χρυσή Καρδιά Μέρκαμπα της Δημιουργίας & Full Body Massage.
Είναι Πιστοποιημένος Πρακτικός, επίπεδου ΙΙ, στα Advanced Tachyon Technologies Treatments από το UISCA Πανεπιστήμιο Ολοκληρωμένων Επιστημών της Καλιφόρνια.

Ο Μιχαήλ ζει και εργάζεται στην Αθήνα. Ταξιδεύει συχνά κάνοντας ομιλίες και σεμινάρια όπου του ζητηθεί.


To Eπίσημο e-shop της Aura-Soma® στην Ελλάδα:

Μagenta Shops Τhe Ultimate New Age Stores
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Τ/ F: 210 3313 443
E-Shop: www.magentashops.com

Magenta Feng Shui Shop
22, Παπανδρέου, Γλυφάδα
Τ: 210 8945130
E-Shop: www.fengshuishop.gr

Essence Human Space Holistic Spa
Παλλάδος 32, Πλατεία Ηρώων, Ψυρρή
Τ: 210 3229 041 / F: 210 3229 043

ANAMAVEDA Οργανικά Αγιουρβεδικά Βότανα & Έλαια
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